Thursday, June 09, 2005

Tuesday evening I was invited to dinner with some ladies from a PEO chapter here in New York...something my mom worked out. One of them works at the New York Times, so that's where we met. It was really neat to see--just like it is on t.v. or in movies...a giant room with a lot of cubicles! We had dinner at a French bistro called Le Madeleine (not La Madeleine, although it really was pretty much the same thing). It was very good, and I had creme brulee for dessert, which I love! They brought along a girl about my age from Albania who went to Cottey College (my grandmother went to Cottey and my mom does some local recruiting for the school) and is now studying political science and economics at a college up here.

Then Wednesday, in class, I answered my two questions correctly again! Seriously, that is the longest class I've ever had to sit through, and you have to pay attention the ENTIRE time because the professor seems to know when you aren't, and that's when he calls on you!

Also, Wednesday night, I got the biggest surprise I've had in a long time! I was on AIM when I got a message from Bo Zhang, my best friend from junior high! She moved away, and somehow we lost touch. Anyway, I hadn't heard from her in about 5 years, but I'd been trying to track her down. Apparently, my sn (which is different from the one I had when we were in contact) somehow appeared on her buddy list, so she IMed me! It made my day. We got caught up most of the way, until I lost my stupid internet connection. Hopefully, she'll be online again tonight so we can talk some more!

Anyway, that's all...I think I'm gonna work in a soup kitchen on Saturday if everything works out! I'll keep you updated.

Oh, I realized, thanks to Michelle, that I never informed anyone that I was coming back early or why. Basically, I've had a couple of problems with Tech, and there are a couple of courses that I would like to get out of the way before the fall so I can really get into this second major. So I'm coming home to take those at Tech's second session. Besides, that way I'll have a little break before the fall semester starts. And I want to help lay the wood floor at my house. I always thought that looked like fun on "Trading Spaces" when they did it!

My great-uncle James passed away on Tuesday. He was the third youngest of the nine McBrayer kids and the last one living. So now they are all together again, which I find really comforting since I just lost my grandfather (the youngest of the kids) in April and great-uncle Marvin (the second youngest) in January. So all of you who were so great to pray for my family and my grandfather recently, please keep the family of Uncle James in your prayers, too.

Okay, now that's all...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and the explanation! When you say "lay the floor at my house", do you mean YOUR house or the family house? You didn't move and not tell me, did you? I think Bill will tell you it isn't near as much fun as it looks on Trading Spaces!!! LOL

We need to do lunch when you get back!

Love ya,