Sunday, May 29, 2005

Greenwich Village and SoHo Recap (5/27/05)

Friday was the first nice day we've had here in New York since I got here (today was the second...although yesterday wasn't bad). It was about 78 degrees, sunny, blue skies. Everyone was out because the weather had been so bad for so long. I met Andrea for lunch in Greenwich Village. We walked around the neighborhood and spent some time in Washington Square Park. We als went to SoHo. These neighborhoods are so great. I'm going to have to spend some more time down there. Jessica (from Georgia) had a headache, so she caught up with us a little later at the Hudson River Park. We had planned to go down to the Financial District and Battery Park, but we decided to walk around Greenwich Village and SoHo some more instead. We found the brownstone from "The Cosby Show" and the apartment building from "Friends" at the corner of Grove and Bedford streets. It was so exciting! We also walked down Sarah Jessica Parker's and Matthew Broderick's street, but we didn't know their address. One of the houses we saw was their's, though. There was so much going on, and the weather was so nice. I really enjoyed being able to get outside and see some more of Manhattan without an umbrella. Pictures are updated.

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl, sounds like you are star struck. It must be fun to see all those places, and you are taking some great pictures. I remember the Cosby house.

Sounds like you have done a good job of sight seeing over the long weekend. How did you know where all those houses were?

We miss you,
Love, Granny

Anonymous said...

sounds like you are "doing the town". Back from seeing Noah Andrew--he is so cute and good. Your Mom came in your place tonight to help me download something--I was in the dark. Don't know if I can let you get so far away again. Kidding. Glad you are doing what you are doing right now. Go girl!! Love you Mimi