Monday, May 23, 2005

Pictures, a famous guy, and Alexis Bledel

I'm putting all of my pictures here:
And I'll post a few on the journal every once in a while.

I saw a famous actor today. I can't place him. He's obviously not one of my favorites, but he was definately an actor, and surely it will come to me soon. I know who he is, I just can't place him! He was walking his dogs.

I was going to try to get stand-by tickets to the Letterman show with Alex's friend Andrea for Wednesday because Alexis Bledel will be on it, but the taping doesn't start until 5:30 and I have class at 6:15! So, instead we're just going to hang out in that part of town and hope to see her!


Anonymous said...

Who's Alexis Bledel?

Whitney said...

Alexis Bledel is Rory from "Gilmore Girls" and Lena from the "Traveling Pants" movie. Who are YOU?

Maggie said...


If I had known your dorm, I would have scoped it out for you earlier this month!
I know other people read this so I will try not to be too "dufus", but I am really proud of how you handeled you first day. I would be blubbering and in a fetal postion. Just look at it this way, what you are experiencing is a taste of life. When you are old like me, your grandkids will love to hear the story. Be careful and get that door fixed!
Love Aunt Maggie

Whitney said...

They said this was the newest, nicest residence hall. I don't believe them. Yep, the first day was pretty stressful, and so was yesterday, but my whole college experience has been one LONG stressful day. I thought it was just Tech. Door is fixed. Still waiting on a phone and mailbox. I think that's it. Nothing exciting to report. How's little Noah? I wish I could see him this weekend like everone else.