Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Times Square and Rockefeller Center

Today I met Andrea from NYU for breakfast. We thought we'd go to Starbuck's because it was COLD, but there were no chairs! So, we got our stuff and went to eat it in Bryant Park. Yes, it was very cold. And it was drizzling. We walked around Times Square and scoped out some of the Broadway shows that we are interested in. We also went to Fifth Avenue and Rockefeller Center. That's pretty much it. I came back and tried to take care of some more stuff with Tech. I also don't have a phone in my room or a mailbox! And no one seems to be able to help me with these problems. Hopefully I'll get that figured out tomorrow. That's really all. I went to the Columbia bookstore and bought a a couple of sweatshirts...one's for my mom, but I am going to wear it because it is COLD!

Oh, I had to talk to the RA today about my phone situation, and after about two sentences, he said, "Are you from the South?" Um, okay. I always thought my accent wasn't that obvious. But I guess it is.

That's all. Nothing exciting. I'm missing American Idol because the t.v. is taken. I'll have to download it, I guess.

By the way, every single student here has a Columbia shirt for every day of the week. Geez, these Ivy League-ers like to rub it in.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing like a southern accent to attract guys. Those Yankees will think it's adorable. Just be carefully where you practice it.

Your mother certainly doesn't need a sweat shirt here, so just wear it and keep warm. I hear the weather is terrible up there.

Hope you get everything all going your way soon.

Love ya, Granny

Anonymous said...

Guess I should have proof-read better. Just be CAREFUL.

Do you have any Texas Tech shirts with you? Just wondered.


Whitney said...

I've got the one that the folks at the library gave me. It's been too cold for it, though! And that was one of my two shirts for chilly weather!

Anonymous said...

Tried to reach your folks awhile ago to get an update. They weren't at home Are you giving those graduate students a run for their money? Bet you can handle that course. We're pretty cool here today, but not cold. Have reservations for Holly to stay at the kennels this weekend. Wonder if the pig she took up with the last time will be there.Love you-Mimi