Friday, April 28, 2006

Countdown to Prague...

So things are really starting to come together for my summer in Prague. I'm getting very excited. I had been a little nervous because we hadn't had any group meetings, and I didn't know which other students would be going on the trip. Also, in case you weren't aware, accounting majors aren't the most social students. Sure, they're a pretty social group outside of class, but there's something about sitting in a classroom early in the morning and listening to a professor lecture about debits and credits and GAAP that pretty much sucks all of the life out of us.

Now I'm an accounting major, so that stuff does interest me, but it's just strange how it affects the classroom atmosphere. I'm not complaining. I'm extremely introverted and prefer to go to class, listen to the professor, not say a word, and then leave...however, the point I was getting at was that I don't really know any of these other people going anyway. There are accounting majors, finance majors, grad students, and then some who just want to go to Prague, I think (I'm not sure what they do). But the funny thing is that I found out a couple of weeks ago that my mom's best friend's (from jr. high) daughter is going on the trip, too! We've gotten together and talked about some of the things we want to do. My mom hadn't seen or talked to her friend in forever, but somehow, a friend mentioned my mom's friend, and my mom decided to contact her. Of course, they started talking about their kids like all moms do and eventually discovered we'd both be going to Prague.

Anyway, to wrap it up, we're going to be roommates and travel buddies. We've mapped out a general itinerary for our breaks (two 5 day, one 10 day) that includes some combination of Poland (Krakow and maybe Warsaw) Austria (Salzburg, Vienna), Italy (Rome, Venice, maybe Florence), Hungary (Budapest) and Germany (Berlin). We're trying to figure out the best way to travel...maybe using the Eurail Selectpass. I'm so excited because, although I've been to Europe many times, of the places listed above, I've only been to Italy (but I LOVE Italy). So, if anyone has been to those places and has any suggestions of things to see and do, please pass that info along.

Yeah, maybe that all sounds scary, but I'm pretty ambitious when it comes to traveling. I've been to Europe like nine times; wandered out in London, Paris, and Rome alone; lived in NYC all by myself. I've been on overnight trains, hauled massive pieces of lugguge through city transit systems, chased trams in the rain (still have the bruise to prove it), navigated crazy airports, dealt with flight attendants who insist I'm German even after I've told them I'm not, and experienced all kinds of other crazy situations. I love all of that excitement, which is weird if you know me because I'm so incredibly reserved, cautious, and laid-back (just ask my AIMS guy). I like plans and organization and assurance...but when I'm in big cities or in Europe, I get a huge adrenaline boost. I'm much more adventurous. I guess I figure I never know when I'll be here again, so the experience is worth the risks. So, scary? Maybe so. But exciting, too. Many people do it with less experience and knowledge than I have, so how hard can it be? Besides, I know how to say, "Go away, pumpkin head!" in Italian so I think I'm all set.

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