Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pictures and the weekend

Apparently the pictures didn't post, so I'll try to work on that in the next few days. I've got to find access to a better computer, and I'm trying to avoid the alcoholics who have the laptops in my apartment as much as possible. I've got several pictures to add to Shutterfly, and I still need to get the Pope's picture up here on my journal, so I'll definitely try to figure something out.

My dad and I were talking about how it's strange that I've had two pretty recent, big Catholic experiences: 1) being in Krakow and getting blessed by the Pope as he drove by, and 2) receiving that phone call from Mel Gibson. I don't know what to expect next.

So I've mentioned the alcoholics "study buddies" with whom I'm trapped here in Prague. Two nights ago, one of them spend 6700 crowns on alcohol. That's like $306!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what he did or what he bought (I just heard the vague details about it in class the next day), but WOW! Just thought that might give you a better picture of the people I'm dealing with here.

I'm going to Vienna this weekend. That was my plan for this break all along, but now I'm alone because I don't want to travel with the drinking team. I actually want to see Vienna. Some friends of my mom have kindly offered to show me around and give me a much needed break from all of this. They're even going to let me stay with them! That's so nice!

I think it's strange that the culture shock I'm experiencing is a result of the Tech students rather than a result of being in Prague and around the Czechs. I haven't even had time to think about being cultured shocked by Prague. I should say that I've found several people that I like just fine to talk with in class or hang out with in the apartment. This is the "cool when they're sober" club. There are others who are in the "never cool" club.

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John Dark said...

Howdy ho, Whitney Jo. I don't know where that came from. I'm an idiot.

Question: Did you really get a phone call from Mel Gibson? If so...can he introduce me to Jim Caviziel. I hear he wants to marry me.

Whitney...you should figure out some pranks to play on your drunk roomates. I'm sure there's lots of things you can do to them when they're inebriated. It will make your trip more enjoyable. I'm gonna go google some ideas right now.